when I am making a film next

I wrote a screenplay based on an as-yet unfinished novel by my dear friend Karen Rinaldi. I am currently calling the screenplay “Maggie’s Plan”. Julianne Moore is attached to play one of the three main parts but I am still trying to figure out who will play Maggie herself. It has been a liberating experience in some ways, working from someone else’s book. I got the premise for free and so I saved a huge amount of time, and was able to spend time just creating characters and embellishing plot. Both Personal Velocity and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee were books and films, so each project took between five and seven years to write the book, write the screenplay, produce the film, make the film. And since my last novel, Jacob’s Folly, took five years just to write, I feel I need a lighter writing experience. And something closer to a pure directorial experience. I can’t seem to expunge writing totally from the directing experience, and I don’t want to, yet there is something wonderful about this letting go.

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  • Daraguena:

    Dear Rebecca,
    I am so glad you have another film in the works I can look forward to. Do you have to wait for Ms. Rinaldi to finish the book? I am a big fan of your work. A few years ago a friend gave me your “A Woman Who” little pink book during a very low time in my life; your “blind” drawings are delightful and never fail to make me smile. They lifted my spirits during those dark days. The back of the book mentioned your other works. I have since then read and seen Personal Velocity and The Ballad of Jack and Rose. I love the book and both films. I have yet to see Angela and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.

    I learned about Jacob’s Folly through your Charlie Rose interview a month or so ago. I wasted no time and quickly ordered the book. I have enjoyed it so and still am enjoying it very much. The story is intricate and at 65 years old a lot of details slip my mind, so have had to reread the book. It is such a pleasure to do so so I don’t mind. Your prose is beautiful, it has a rhythm to it that reminds me of a musical piece. A lot of staccatos and legatos. My english is not very good, it is a second language for me so I better stop. Thank you.

  • she:

    i went to pop into drama book shop and it crossed my mind that loving JF so much and Ballad J&R maybe oh maybe you have written a play– there wasnt anything in the shop- so I double checked on this site to see if you had anything listed- and came across ” when I am making next film” — i almost fell off my seat bc i thought for an outrageous second you were penning a screenplay already to JF- although what a task that would be- your story is just so intricate detailed and complex i couldn’t even think u would want to go near it without a break=) Anyhow, I am very much excited to hear you wrote a screenplay– may you also be directing it ? the ballad of Jack and rose was very lovely- it was just always on the cusp of admitting a sexual/romance/ dependency and you really made the viewer re-evaluate whether they were assuming something to be true or not — not until the last night scene was it conclusively told. I cannot wait for your next project, you truly have beautiful thoughts and words running in your veins! I too have your the Woman Who and it is a conversation stater and pop of pink , Have not read personal velocity as of yet but very soon
    had the pleasure of getting two books signed at your book signing and after 2 months decided who to give it to– but Oh how i felt like i was in willy wonka giving away a golden ticket =>
    here is a photo of your book signing in south
    keep us posted on your updates on work and thoughts-much encouragement&cheers!

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