I just read “Queer” by William Burroughs. It’s an astonishing book, a glimpse into such vulnerability, so direct. The emotional descriptions are what I liked best about it. Communicating precise feeling. Also the total transparency, the willingness to be truly seen–not that this isn’t fiction; it is of course, but you can see down through the plot, characters, words, into the man’s veins, his pulsing organs.

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  • Therese Wolfe:


    Nice to have you back.
    If you are thinking of adapting any novels to screenplay, I would like to recommend ‘The Lake’ by Daniel Villasenor (Penguin). I think your artistic sensibility could do magic on the screen with this novel.

    Happy New Year.

  • rebecca:

    I will look at The Lake. I will be searching for material soon. Thank you. Rebecca

  • Therese Wolfe:

    Thank you. I feel it’s a moving and poetic approach to story. Enjoy.

  • Trish:

    If this is the place to request screen adaptations by R. Miller, please would you consider The Weaver’s Grave, A Story of Old Men by Seumas O’Kelly?


    The story of the fourth wife of an Irish weaver who travels to the local graveyard with two very old men to find the weaver’s grave site.

    The old men can’t remember the spot and the two grave diggers — twins, one with a sparkle in his young eye — dig in several places only to find coffins already there.

    The old men compete against each other to find the grave site and tell lots of stories that would make excellent flashbacks. Another, even older, man is also consulted in due course. Bedridden, but still master of his house, he uses a rope to raise and lower himself and makes pronouncements.

    This purely wonderful story is about old age, tradition, marriage, life in Ireland in the early 1900s. And about falling in love under the stars…

    You’d do it justice, Rebecca. Of this I have no doubt.

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