Jacob tours the west coast

I’m on my way back from a week of readings and signings on the West Coast. ¬†Book peddling. It’s a release to perform the book now after years of being locked away with it. It’s easier to read outloud than my other books, maybe because I enjoy being Jacob so much. His joyful amorality, his wickedness, feel liberating. I really like connecting with the readers in person, but I still worry about going on too long and boring people. Yet I think in this time, when actual objects and face to face encounters are rarer, when our ideas are transmitted electronically much of the time, and our books are read off of tablets, the presence of an actual author turning paper pages is more valuable; it reminds people of the connection to the writer as they read, the cord that binds the two minds.

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  • Susan:

    I think your last sentence was so apt. The heft of a book in the hand is a sensual pleasure, but to also have the voice of the real (not virtual) author in the air is rare and precious. You can trust that’s how the audience felt. I finished the book and loved it, loved each of the characters, and loved how much YOU loved the characters. The rest of my comment I put on Amazon.

  • in awe of your words:

    I finished reading JF today- and I am miserable knowing there is a period -no more words left to read– this book was so detailed- it was amazing every page, sentence, and word. I am just so saddened to not be able to continue on with the characters. Although a complete ending, you created such a connection between reader and character that it is such a pleasure pain scenario- to want to read another page, but know you are one step closer to finishing the book.
    I am glad someone else mentioned ” Kafka-esque visions bc I also was recollecting such theme. JF was like a poetic read- every word intricate, and strategically placed. I am signed up for the author’s breakfast southeast and cannot wait to have another connection with your beautiful masterpiece!

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