a new year haiku

The spring rain;

A little girl teaches

The cat to dance.


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  • Ellie:

    It’s me again!! The Ballad of Jack and Rose is on Film4 tonight, I really love that film. It reminded me of something and just thought I would share it. I used to work in The Abbey Theatre in Dublin back in the day and we were doing a run of ‘All my Sons’ and yourself, your father Mr. Miller and your husband all came to see it one night. Needless to say, there was a lot of excitement with Daniel Day Lewis and Arthur Miller in the house but I was excited for a different reason! I had just returned home having spent the summer of 2002 in Boston. There must have been a little film festival on because I saw a cluster of great films including one by Ethan Hawke that he gave a little talk after. However, the one that stood out for me was Personal Velocity. So that night in the Abbey I was like “oh my God, Rebecca Miller is here”! The film hadn’t reached our shores yet so, at the time, I was probably one of a handful of people who was familiar with your work and I can’t help thinking that while everybody was fussing over your male company I should have told you how much I admired your film, maybe it might have meant something because you were living in this Country and at least one other resident recognised you as equally important in your own right :) Anyway everybody knows you now so the opportunity has surely passed! Still hoping for that Irish short story you spoke of! I’m sure all the Irish would agree that you most definitely have the literary license to tell a story about the place you have called home for so long now! Anyway, that’s my new year anecdote. Good luck with the book!

  • deborah binnion:

    What a great haiku. Thank you. San Francisco is home so I see the little girl as chinese. And with the fog, I am always reminded of Carl Sandburg’s poem “The fog comes in on little cat feet. It sits on silent haunches and then it moves on.” I found your blog by accident trying to see what you were doing lately (since no one asked you last night at the Oscars). I will get a copy of your new book. Best of wishes for success.

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