These artists are all more or less under the radar of the public eye–people whose work I admire and want to share. So far, I know and love them all, but I think the list will eventually expand to include strangers…

Barbara Browning

It’s hard to describe Barbara Browning. Her latest novel, “I am Trying to Reach You”, has a kind of almost spiritual flatness of delivery. Her writing is utterly original, integrating images into the text. Her dance pieces are also unique. She is a professor of performance studies at NYU. I have known Barbara for 27 years. I am excited to share her work.

Teddy JeffersonOne-inch Leather:  Stories

Teddy Jefferson is writing like no one else right now. His stories are totally contemporary, the deepest kind of social criticism, filtered through a surreal lense.

Michael Rohatyn:  composer

Michael has composed the music for my four films as well as “The Music of Regret” and others. He’s a major talent with absolutely no capacity for self-promotion, so I am doing it for him. Whether he likes it or not.

Inge Morath, photographer.  The Inge Morath Foundation

Julia Bolus.

Julia designed this site, is a poet, a teacher, as well as the director of the Arthur Miller Trust. Her site is a mine of information about poetry and contemporary culture.

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